“for my golden little lady”

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love the way you write down your feelings
You see?the way you hold the pen and the way the alphabet’s flow
The inks that you spent for word after word, I love these things happen
I watch it, my routine activity, my opportunity to let myself flow into your words

You, the writer of everything insie you
You enjoy it yourself, you prove yourself that you can do that
Can I read it?read what you writing down now?
Can I read all there journals? I’m curious about what were you thinking when you wrote those pages down

My golden little lady,private writer to me
The one who share with me,the one I share with
When my words out of stock, she refills it
When my worlds kinda break, she break off the breakers
When I feel like dying, she blows a live through me

You kit the words, one by one, then give it to me
Then you’ll ask me “how is it?is that great?should I remake it?”
Then I’ll say “no need to remake it, I think. This is you”

We sink into words, sing it to the song
I put you into hard situation, so sorry lady, I am
But then with these words you let me hear the unspoken words
And you let me know that you love me, and
You let me know,
You let me know, that I’m great.

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