Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its been a while for me, long time no touching you

Missing you like hell, gosh what can I do?

Do I have something to bring me laughters?

We share everything every second in our live

Just like we don’t need anything outside the circle

So why keep I go somewhere if we do?

So why keep you guiding me walking these paths that you hate, but I don’t?

I love it, when I must walking along the sidewalk, with coffee and sight-seeing

With my lovely convers that warm me while I walk

Just like another afternoon routines, that’s mine

Actually, I wanna walking down streets

I’m trying to find a place that suit me, give me home

Give me the courage to do what I want to do

To make me keep on writing things I desire

And to make me accept something that deep inside people deserve it on me

Well, this is my dream since I was child, live alone. Independent but not pathetic

I wanna see what can I do since I have no one around me behind these roofs

I want to make those things to be my hobbies, my routine for me

Because, I hate stuck in this situation since I was born.


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