I Wish Somebody Say This to Me

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

No better way to support the courage than let you free to choose
No better way to heal the fail than still let you still walking in your way
No better way to teach you how hard is the world
Except let you to be you

Kid, the world is created by God
And God is design who’s living in it
And we born kid, with other people too
We born in the same way,but not in the same purpose and destiny
So never let people judge you as long as you’re not hurt them
Even tough its your dad or mom that push you
They have to know that era’s change, so does mind

You have to know kid, each people is different
Because God wants you to be like this, and God wants other to be like that, and else and else
So why don’t you just go ahead for your dream?

How many people was regret of their ignorance of their dream because they’re afraid of a word called “FAIL” ?
Dream is never fail, kid. Or actually, never.

Because you, kid
Live in a place where they push you with all things you aren’t into that, are you?
Don’t worry, changing themes happens

Life is rough kid, rough
I’ve been in your age, just like the other else, just like your parents and teachers too
But, our future has done, its been years now
Our future is on our back, and your future is still there…….far away
so why are you so afraid of what we say?
We don’t wanna you to fail kid, no

Because they didn’t believe about the plan inside your head
And actually

But when the olders keep talking about their stupefaction about your future
They fear about your own way in your own head

Realize or not, they teach you to be a COWARD


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